“Mi Punekar”

This is Pune. This is where I live and I love it. Is it not beautiful. So, I got a DSLR, started shooting and calling myself a photographer, but was I really? Hence this blog to call me one. My aim here is to learn and share what I have learnt in the field of photography and having a bit of fun doing it. Even though this is not my main profession. It’s a hobby that I am very deeply passionate about.

Neway, about the photograph : I clicked this image at 8 pm from Sinhagad top at a shutter speed of 30 sec with the widest aperture possible F5 and with an iso of 100. The trip up top was awesome since at that hour there is literally no one on the roads. However, it was a bit scary as I was riding alone but was worth it. If you haven’t had such a ride, try it.

I hope you guys enjoy my blog posts as I would enjoy any suggestions and comments from you. Thank you.



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